Cafe Asia in Rosslyn, Virginia

Cafe Asia has a couple locations in the DC area, however when we go we go to the one located on Wilson Blvd. in Rosslyn Virginia.   Cafe Asia is a very trendy hip place that offers a full scale menu of asian food.  All asian food under one roof.   They do have a sushi bar or you can order sushi from the menu at your table.

They offer a sushi "happy hour" and if anything most go to Cafe Asia to hang out at the large bar area and enjoy the happy hour. In the summer it is nice to sit outside and people watch.  They have a large selection of drinks and are known for their martini drinks.   Especially recomend the Apple Martini or the Lechi Martini.   
Parking in Rosslyn can be hard so don’t drive around too long, just park in the garage underneath the building and Cafe Asia will discount it for you.   
The food is good however very standard been very "Americanized" and not really what you go for at Cafe Asia. Most go for "happy hour" drinks and maybe a few bites of food.    They have a wonderful Japanese Ravioli (very much like a tiny Chinese Dumpling) that is very spicy, however most of the food lacks a lot of flavor or freshness.  They now offer a night club in the back for those who want to dance.   If you want a better sushi place just around the corner is a smaller place called "KanPai"  Read the sep. review.

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