Sushi Samba in NYC

Sushi Samba is a chain of sushi restaurants.   We first went to Sushi Samba in Miami however went to this one in NYC as well.  Located on 87 Seventh Ave S. NYC,  Sushi Samba atmopshere is in a Brazillian style with everything in a bright orange, red, and fun and vibrant.   The drinks are just as fun with a mix of latin and sake to choose from.   The chefs are specialists and fun to watch so get a seat at the bar.   Best not to make any special requests though.  It is considered quite an insult to the Japanese culture, so let the chef do what he/she does best.   

They like to use the mayo/spicy sauce and aren’t affraid to use cilantro or pineapple.  You will sample different sushi rolls here so enjoy.   Between the music, drinks, sushi and overall atmopshere you’ll leave with a smile.   
They also host parties.

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