Hana Tokyo Japanese Steak House in Alexandria, Virginia

Hana Tokyo Japanese Steak House is located at 4603 Duke Street in the Foxcase Shopping Center.  (Directly across from Mango Mikes and close to 395 for those familiar with the area).   Being the traditional "steak house" it features the large hibachi grill tables where you can sit with groups of people and watch the chef cook grilled steak, chicken or shrimp for you.    It is very entertaining.   The restaurant does have a sushi bar and you can order sushi at the hibachi grill as well.

We really liked the yellowtail with scallion the best.  They had sushi specials for the day as well.  Prices are reasonable.   The sushi was average though and we would more than likely to return for the grilled food more than anything.
They have a variety of drinks to choose from including cold sake.  The atmosphere is friendly and warm with the typical blond wood furniture.   Families are welcome and large groups are easily handled.   Parking is also easy since the restaurant is at at shopping center that has over 400 spaces.  

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