Sake Club in Adams Morgan

"Sake" Club Restaurant located on 18th street in Adams Morgan was the Sushi in the City’s starting ground so we must list it and pay thanks.   

We discovered the art and style of Omakase style even though that wasn’t what they called it.   We really just went in on a beautiful spring day and told them we just couldn’t get into the All you Can Eat Event at Sushi Taro and we were prepared to pay $30 per person so they prepared a big plate for $30 per person and we sat back.  

The seating is fun, as you can sit against some cool pillows and downstairs has a very cool looking bar.   The atmopshere is really to sit and hang out.   Amazing though is the fact that they don’t have much of a Sake selection for a place called Sake.  

We enjoyed all the sushi and thanks for getting us started!  We always talk about going back so we would recomend it. 

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