Finn&Porter in Alexandria

Finn & Porter is located off of Seminary Road in the Hilton Hotel in Alexandria, VA off of 395.  The restaurant has a sushi bar that serves sushi nightly until midnight.   It also has other food, including a raw bar.  The restaurant has dark wood and the lighting is low.   There are TV’s over the Bar for those who must have the score.  There is also a private room available as well.   

This place holds a special place for us, fond memories of our favoriate sushi chef, Rod, who left to pursue his dream of becoming a monk, have left big shoes to fill.   We are sure the sushi is great currently however when we returned, the service not so much from the sushi chef, but from the waiters, was so poor we just never returned.  We shall return again and esp. to see if our names are still listed on the special ‘club’ they started there.  We deeply miss Rod’s Spicy Tuna Martini.   Best Wishes to Rod!
They do offer a sushi happy hour and valet parking.  

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