Yamazato in Alexandria Virginia

Yamazato is a Japanese restaurant that is  located at 6303 Little River Turnpike near Beauregard Street.  It is set off of Little River on the first floor of an office building.  Once inside you are welcome by a display of specials and then the atmosphere is set with traditional blond wood tables and rice paper lanterns.  There is a sushi bar as well.

The sushi specials are the best items to try.   Once you get to know the sushi chef’s they are usually nice enough to let you sample other items they give you to try out as well.   We did not care so much for the Miso soup or Calamari salad.   They have a good sake selection to choose from though.
This is a little known treasure in Alexandria still so getting a table is easy, even on a Saturday night or on holiday events.   So when all other places are busy, drive on out past Duke Street to this place and it will be worth it.

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