Dragonfly in Washington, DC

Dragonfly located in Washington, DC, 1215 Connecticut Avenue, is a very "hip" lounge and Sushi restaurant.   Love it or hate it, you’ll either love it for the food but hate it for the fact that it is very trendy.   

Most go for the after work drinks.  They have quite a few drinks to choose from.  The drinks are amazing and quite a few martini’s to choose from.   Not inexpensive mind you.   They do have a happy hour menu though with some martini’s listed at discounted prices. 

The sushi is amazing though.   The atmosphere is all white and very trendy and modern.  Images are projected with different movies throughout and if you can get over watching clips of "Jaws" while eating your raw Tuna, you’ll be fine.
Perfect place to go to if you are heading to the Improv or another show just doors down.   The noise level will be loud from the house music, but it is fun to go with a group.  We have been several times and enjoy it for what it is.   Just a fun place for a quick bite of sushi and drinks before the show.   

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