Konami in Tysons Corner Virginia

Konami is a Japanese restaurant located in the heart of Tysons Corner on Rt 7 and 123.  (Across from Bed Bath & Beyond) and hidden down on the hill so look for it.   It has a small parking lot and getting out of the lot onto Rt 7 is painful however it can be worth the trip.

The restauarant is very colorful in purple and gold and sounds of waterfalls can be heard.   The entrance shows a sample of the special including the drink special.   It can get crowded for lunch so get there just at noon or before.
They have a large sushi selection.   They also have the "Bento Boxes" if you want to get a mix of sushi and other food.   The spicy tuna is the mushy tuna, and not the usual tuna steak that you may be used to though.    They also tend to use a lot of rice which fills you faster so just be warned.
The green tea is very good.  Service is a bit slow, even at lunch, so just plan on being there a bit longer.   For Tysons Corner the restaurant is good.   There are better sushi places and if you are willing to go about 10 minutes further, check out Yama for better sushi instead.   

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