Yama Restaurant in Vienna

Yama Restaurant in Vienna is located on Rt 123, 328 Maple Ave W, Vienna, Virginia in a little strip mall.  (Be careful not to go to Maple Ave East – you want Maple Ave West – still on Rt 123 – located next too the Dunkin Donnuts)

 It is a small Japanese restaurant that is about 10 to 15 minutes from Tysons, however worth it if you want good sushi.   The atmosphere is blond wood furniture and a small sushi bar and a few small tables.   Service is fast and friendly though.

The sushi is fresh, priced fair and the rice is fresh and they don’t over-use it.   They do offer specials and offer toro as well.   They have a nice sake choice too.   For Vienna this restaurant is a hidden gem.   You go because the food is just…. good.  Plain and simple.

One thought on “Yama Restaurant in Vienna

  1. Took a drive to this restaurant today and it was no longer there! It’s now a pet grooming salon of some sort. Shame…

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