Minami Sushi in Old Town Alexandria

Minami Sushi is located in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia, next to the Trader Joe’s off of Washington Blvd.   Small sushi bar and setting –  however, a great place to get some inexpensive and fast sushi for lunch or a quick dinner.

We got the Miami Roll (Tuna and Avocado) and the Spicy Tuna Roll.   Rice isn’t the freshest, but again it is a great place for something fast and inexpensive.   Flavor was good.  

3 thoughts on “Minami Sushi in Old Town Alexandria

  1. Sushi is REALLY good.. Unusual place (it is a restaurant in a restaurant) but the food and service are wonderful..!

  2. Absolutely love the place. My husband and I are loyal customers. The place is clean and the service is fantastic. Of course sushi is delightful!

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