Bluefin in Adams Morgan

Bluefin is a sushi restaurant that is located at 2309 Eighteenth Street NW, WDC, in Adams Morgan.   Located just across the street from Felix and near the "Brass Monkey" for those of you familiar to the area.   The atmosphere is small, as expected for Adams Morgan, however very hip and deco. The restaurant colors are done in multi-colors of blue… of course, however to give it more of the resemblance of the ocean.   The owners opened the restaurant last year and were lucky to get a great sushi chef who combines different ingredients and likes to make different sushi rolls.   

We enjoyed the Lobster Miso soup and really LOVED the Soy Wraped Crunchy Salmon roll.   All the sushi was fresh and very good.  Topped it off with the best dessert… cheesecake and cream puffs ever!   Cost wasn’t bad; for a evening out at Adams Morgan we averaged about $35 per person without alcohol drinks.  
Parking can be hard… it is Adams Morgan after all.  However there is a garage just around the corner near the coffee shop.  This place was worth the drive.   The owners, and Tony the Chef were very welcoming.   They have also just opened a club below called Blank.   Be sure to stay and check that out!

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