Momo Sushi & Cafe in Old Town Alexandria

Momo located 212 Queen Street Alexandria, just two blocks from the waterfront in Old Town Virginia is a newly openned Sushi Cafe.   

As you walk in the smell of the food is incredible.   The owner has another restaurant in Rockville and is very excited that this one has taken off so well and between the small restaurant never lacking a customer or the take-out order requests, they seem to be happy to have all the business.
The sushi chef is originally from Korea and spent time in Tokyo.   The sushi rolls have a wonderful flavor and uniqueness to them.   Our favoriates are the Trio Amigo Roll (Chopped Tuna, Samon, Yellow Tail Avocado and Masago) and the Hawaiian Sun Set Roll (Salmon, Avocado, Cucumber, Pineapple, Crab). 
The nigiri sushi is incredible selections of tuna as well.  The Spicy yellowtail roll was also good. The miso soup was also really good and the flavor was good.
They recently received their liquor license so they now serve wine and beer.  The space there is small however a nice cafe style and they do have a small sushi bar as well.  Take out is also an option if you can’t get a table or don’t want to stay.
Parking can be hard, however in the evenings there is a small parking lot across the street that you can pay long term parking or drive around the neighborhood for a free spot on the street and walk a bit… but it is worth it!!!

2 thoughts on “Momo Sushi & Cafe in Old Town Alexandria

  1. It’s a small place but all things are incredable.Try a spicy crispy tuna rolls.I’m sure u would like it.Also try sushi, sashimi dinner box.It’s comes with miso soup and house salad.Don’t forget to order hot or cold saki. I love Momo’s sushi.I enjoy Momo’s service.YAMMY YAMMY…

  2. Great blog! I have eaten sushi all over the US and I have to say Momo’s is my favorite overall for flavor, quality and creativity. My favorite rolls:Green Tree RollVolcano RollTempura Spicy Tuna Side Note: The salad dressing on the salad is excellent and made in house. I buy it for my home. Red Bean Ice Cream is a good end to the meal.

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