Located at 4822 MacArthur Blvd in Washington, DC – (202) 298-6866. There is another Sushi place at the top of this strip mall area that is not Makoto so be sure to look for the Makoto entrance which is a wooden door frame that leads you down some dark steps, past another door where you take your shoes off. You can wear the slippers provided or go without. Hot towels are offered to clean your hands as well.
There are limited number of tables and a long sushi bar table. The sushi is traditional and not the American Sushi we are used too. Don’t expect to find “spicy” rolls here. The rolls were tightly wrapped, small and had very little rice. Which means your money is going towards more fish and outstanding quality!
The appearance of the rolls doesn’t do it justice. The flavor was one of the best we have ever had. We enjoyed the Tuna rolls, Yellowtail, and Toro. They had some amazing muscles and soups as well too choose from.
Highly recommend for an intimate evening. Atmosphere was traditional blond wood tables and not a lot of noise at all.
Parking along the street can be tough however isn’t impossible.

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