Blue Sea – Sushi at the Delano Hotel

Even if you can’t afford to stay at the Delano Hotel you so need to walk thru it and go past the billowing curtains and straight out the back to the bar by the pool.  Maybe you’ll catch a famous star or two. 

After drinks stop by the community table near the front entrance for sushi at the Blue Sea.  There are only two tables and one is usually for a reserved party, so it is perfect later in the evening when you won’t have to wait.   Even though the hotel is formal, eating here is casual.  It is fun to sit among strangers and see what everyone is ordering.  You really can’t make a bad choice here and you are sure to walk away with some new friends. 

We like to order the lobster cocktail that has lumps of meat in a martini glass.  I know it isn’t sushi but it tastes so good.  The softshell crab roll is really good as well. 

The hotel is a classic and so is the Blue Sea.  Make sure you stop by and see them both!

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