NOBU in London

Since we have been to other NOBU’s and it was a special occasion, it was only right to go to NOBU in London.  As always the food was amazing and the service was great.  We had to reschedule our reservation for a different night and they still had my request for something to be done for my husband’s birthday.  They helped me in keeping it a secret and brought over a beautiful plate of cake and ice cream with chocolate words around the plate wishing him “Happy Birthday”. 

As always at NOBU they go out of their way to not make you feel rushed and treat everyone like they are a first class customer.  I know it can be more expensive than most however I have to go there to order the yellowtail appetizer with jalapeno and celantro. 

Leaving the restaurant they offered us a private car vs. a taxi to return to our hotel.  Was a very nice way to end our trip in London.

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