TAKE in L.A.

We returned to TAKE in LA located right on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood.  It has become the place we start and end our vacation when in LA.  The sushi chefs are so friendly and they want to get to know you and really like making you happy.  They offer special rolls and the Crunchy Spicy Tuna is my favoriate.  Jeff was brave enough to try the Cobra Sake.  (Yeah a dead cobra is in the bottle.  He survived so I’m sure you will too.

The last night I ordered a big bowl of the soup they have as well.  Lots of noodles and shrimp.  The Lobster roll and Toro is still wonderful.  All in all we like this place because you can sit, watch the latest baseball game and enjoy the company of the chef.

They have an entrance in the back as well that exits to a small parking lot.  Also have a private room in the back as well which I’m sure is where their celebrity following has been before.

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