Galae Thai- New restaurant in Alexandria, VA

Galae Thai is a new Thai restaurant in Alexandria, VA.  It is located in the Hoffman Center near the AMC Theaters and just across the street from the Eisenhower Metro.  It is a beautifully decorated restaurant with many intricate wood carvings and Buddhas everywhere you look. Although it is a Thai restaurant, it has a sushi bar inside.   Vi is the sushi chef there, has worked at some of the best sushi restaurants in Washington, DC and is excited to be at Galae Thai.  His brother also works with him behind the sushi bar.

We continue to go back here!  We’ve had the Thai food there, which is very good.  However, we like to sit at the sushi bar and talk to Vi.  His brother makes an incredible sake sorbet which is often served with fresh fruit.  (Not sure if that is on the menu, but ask for it and tell Vi that Jeff & Paige sent you).

Vi makes the best Dragon Roll I’ve ever had!  It was smaller bite sizes; therefore unlike most Dragon Rolls that are so large you break it apart, this was just the right size so you really get to enjoy the wonderful flavor of the eel, roe and avocado.  We recommend the spicy yellowtail, and really enjoy the “Executive Roll” which has Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail and Avocado with SPICY MAYO!  Sake was cold, filtered and dry.  Try the lychee-tinis … they are dee-lish!

Parking is very easy. If you live nearby, they deliver as well. Some outdoor seating.

2 thoughts on “Galae Thai- New restaurant in Alexandria, VA

  1. This restaurant had some of the best food I have had. I have also had some of the food on the dinner menu. Unlike most restaurants where the spices overpower the taste, the preparation lets you taste all the flavors in the dish. The presentation is also excellent

  2. In our area, we call the dragon roll a caterpillar roll. My teen-age daughter knows how to make all kinds of rolls including this. We also have an avocado tree in our backyard so every time the fruit is in season, we always have a daily serving of caterpillar roll on our dining table. I wish I could sample Galei Thai's own version too with their famous Sake Sorbet on the side!Jane Darwin Sushi

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