sushi bar hopping in miami beach, part 1 @ the delano hotel, blue sea

Miami Beach has some of the world’s best sushi restaurants, and they are all within walking distance! So, when we are in town, we set aside a whole evening to leisurely wander from bar to bar, ordering a couple of the signature dishes at each place.

The first stop in our late January visit to SoBe is Blue Sea, the sushi bar part of the Blue Door restaurant at the Delano Hotel. It is a communal table just inside the front door, and people are often waiting nearby to get seats there.

Two of the best dishes on the menu are a soft shell crab roll, and the lobster martini. What makes the soft shell crab roll special, though, is the egg wrap that the roll is wrapped in. Between the big, crispy pieces of fried crab leg and the egg wrap, IMHO it is the best crab roll around! The lobster martini has plenty of avocado slices and spicy mayo-type sauce to make it worth the price. That’s what credit cards are for!

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