sushi bar hopping in miami beach, part 2 @ the shore club hotel, nobu

yellowtail carpaccioAfter the Delano, it’s just a couple blocks walk north on Collins Avenue to the Shore Club Hotel, where the Nobu outpost in Miami Beach is located.

Nobu has locations worldwide – we have been to the ones in London, New York, Miami, and Las Vegas, and there is no way we’ll ever make it to all of them.

Fortunately, while there are specialties on the menu for each locale, there are some menu items which we love that are at each one. Our favorites are the yellowtail sashimi with cilantro and jalapeno in a special ponzu sauce, and the mushroom tempura.

Nobu was getting pretty crowded, and we could only find room at the bar to eat, so we headed to the Townhouse Hotel and my personal favorite sushi spot in South Beach, Bond St Lounge. The video shows how quickly one can get from one to the other (as well as how windy Miami Beach can get in January).

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