Back to Kaz Sushi Bistro

Went back for Valentine’s Day to what has to be the best sushi restaurant in DC, Kaz Sushi Bistro. Had the yellowtail roll, Negitoro (toro with scallion) roll, yellowtail belly sashimi, and two of their specialty rolls, the lobster with wasabi roll and the blue crab roll. Everything was amazing as usual! If you are a green tea afficianado, then you must try the passionfruit green tea.

Kaz Sushi Bistro 1915 Eye St. NW Washington DC. 202.530.5500


Located at 4822 MacArthur Blvd in Washington, DC – (202) 298-6866. There is another Sushi place at the top of this strip mall area that is not Makoto so be sure to look for the Makoto entrance which is a wooden door frame that leads you down some dark steps, past another door where you take your shoes off. You can wear the slippers provided or go without. Hot towels are offered to clean your hands as well.
There are limited number of tables and a long sushi bar table. The sushi is traditional and not the American Sushi we are used too. Don’t expect to find “spicy” rolls here. The rolls were tightly wrapped, small and had very little rice. Which means your money is going towards more fish and outstanding quality!
The appearance of the rolls doesn’t do it justice. The flavor was one of the best we have ever had. We enjoyed the Tuna rolls, Yellowtail, and Toro. They had some amazing muscles and soups as well too choose from.
Highly recommend for an intimate evening. Atmosphere was traditional blond wood tables and not a lot of noise at all.
Parking along the street can be tough however isn’t impossible.

Bluefin in Adams Morgan

Bluefin is a sushi restaurant that is located at 2309 Eighteenth Street NW, WDC, in Adams Morgan.   Located just across the street from Felix and near the "Brass Monkey" for those of you familiar to the area.   The atmosphere is small, as expected for Adams Morgan, however very hip and deco. The restaurant colors are done in multi-colors of blue… of course, however to give it more of the resemblance of the ocean.   The owners opened the restaurant last year and were lucky to get a great sushi chef who combines different ingredients and likes to make different sushi rolls.   

We enjoyed the Lobster Miso soup and really LOVED the Soy Wraped Crunchy Salmon roll.   All the sushi was fresh and very good.  Topped it off with the best dessert… cheesecake and cream puffs ever!   Cost wasn’t bad; for a evening out at Adams Morgan we averaged about $35 per person without alcohol drinks.  
Parking can be hard… it is Adams Morgan after all.  However there is a garage just around the corner near the coffee shop.  This place was worth the drive.   The owners, and Tony the Chef were very welcoming.   They have also just opened a club below called Blank.   Be sure to stay and check that out!

Kaz Sushi Bistro in Washington, DC

Kaz Sushi Bistro is located on 1915 "I" Street in Washington, DC.   The restaurant takes reservations which isn’t required, however the restaurant isn’t large so isn’t a bad idea.    We didn’t have a problem for a small party though.   

The atmophere is modern yet very comfortable.    Small sushi bar with some seating in the back.   The sushi selection was different, and overall their combination of mixing spices with the sushi was what made it so incredible.   Overall we think this is one of the best sushi places we have been to in DC.  Overall we rate the sushi, sake, service and restaurant very well.    Read more about the sushi we liked.

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Sushi Taro in Washington, DC

Sushi Taro located at 17th and P St NW.   I’ve heard it called the "Mortons" of sushi places.   Make no mistake it is wonderful.   Reservation is highly suggested.   Atmosphere is wonderful.   They welcome you and there is no rush.   The best seat of course is to get a spot right at the sushi bar.   Hard to come by though.  They offer traditional Japanese style seating (on the floor) as well.  

Each Spring they have an annual "all you can eat" Cherry Blossom Festival celebration and the line goes down the block with people waiting for hours.   

You can’t go wrong going here, just make a reservation or go early.  Read more about the sushi choices.

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Dragonfly in Washington, DC

Dragonfly located in Washington, DC, 1215 Connecticut Avenue, is a very "hip" lounge and Sushi restaurant.   Love it or hate it, you’ll either love it for the food but hate it for the fact that it is very trendy.   

Most go for the after work drinks.  They have quite a few drinks to choose from.  The drinks are amazing and quite a few martini’s to choose from.   Not inexpensive mind you.   They do have a happy hour menu though with some martini’s listed at discounted prices. 

The sushi is amazing though.   The atmosphere is all white and very trendy and modern.  Images are projected with different movies throughout and if you can get over watching clips of "Jaws" while eating your raw Tuna, you’ll be fine.
Perfect place to go to if you are heading to the Improv or another show just doors down.   The noise level will be loud from the house music, but it is fun to go with a group.  We have been several times and enjoy it for what it is.   Just a fun place for a quick bite of sushi and drinks before the show.   

Leftbank in Adams Morgan in Washington, DC

Leftbank isn’t a Japanese restaurant and serves other food than sushi however we have gone several times just for the sushi.   The style of the restaurant is fun, with large orange booths.   Very 70’s looking.    Service has been kinda hit or miss but generally not enough to keep us away.   

Restaurant never seems to need a reservation since it is large enough.    We enjoyed the Surf and Turf roll the best.  

Located on 2424 18th Street in the heart of Adams Morgan.  

Sake Club in Adams Morgan

"Sake" Club Restaurant located on 18th street in Adams Morgan was the Sushi in the City’s starting ground so we must list it and pay thanks.   

We discovered the art and style of Omakase style even though that wasn’t what they called it.   We really just went in on a beautiful spring day and told them we just couldn’t get into the All you Can Eat Event at Sushi Taro and we were prepared to pay $30 per person so they prepared a big plate for $30 per person and we sat back.  

The seating is fun, as you can sit against some cool pillows and downstairs has a very cool looking bar.   The atmopshere is really to sit and hang out.   Amazing though is the fact that they don’t have much of a Sake selection for a place called Sake.  

We enjoyed all the sushi and thanks for getting us started!  We always talk about going back so we would recomend it.