sushi bar hopping in miami beach, part 2 @ the shore club hotel, nobu

yellowtail carpaccioAfter the Delano, it’s just a couple blocks walk north on Collins Avenue to the Shore Club Hotel, where the Nobu outpost in Miami Beach is located.

Nobu has locations worldwide – we have been to the ones in London, New York, Miami, and Las Vegas, and there is no way we’ll ever make it to all of them.

Fortunately, while there are specialties on the menu for each locale, there are some menu items which we love that are at each one. Our favorites are the yellowtail sashimi with cilantro and jalapeno in a special ponzu sauce, and the mushroom tempura.

Nobu was getting pretty crowded, and we could only find room at the bar to eat, so we headed to the Townhouse Hotel and my personal favorite sushi spot in South Beach, Bond St Lounge. The video shows how quickly one can get from one to the other (as well as how windy Miami Beach can get in January).

sushi bar hopping in miami beach, part 1 @ the delano hotel, blue sea

Miami Beach has some of the world’s best sushi restaurants, and they are all within walking distance! So, when we are in town, we set aside a whole evening to leisurely wander from bar to bar, ordering a couple of the signature dishes at each place.

The first stop in our late January visit to SoBe is Blue Sea, the sushi bar part of the Blue Door restaurant at the Delano Hotel. It is a communal table just inside the front door, and people are often waiting nearby to get seats there.

Two of the best dishes on the menu are a soft shell crab roll, and the lobster martini. What makes the soft shell crab roll special, though, is the egg wrap that the roll is wrapped in. Between the big, crispy pieces of fried crab leg and the egg wrap, IMHO it is the best crab roll around! The lobster martini has plenty of avocado slices and spicy mayo-type sauce to make it worth the price. That’s what credit cards are for!

Blue Sea – Sushi at the Delano Hotel

Even if you can’t afford to stay at the Delano Hotel you so need to walk thru it and go past the billowing curtains and straight out the back to the bar by the pool.  Maybe you’ll catch a famous star or two. 

After drinks stop by the community table near the front entrance for sushi at the Blue Sea.  There are only two tables and one is usually for a reserved party, so it is perfect later in the evening when you won’t have to wait.   Even though the hotel is formal, eating here is casual.  It is fun to sit among strangers and see what everyone is ordering.  You really can’t make a bad choice here and you are sure to walk away with some new friends. 

We like to order the lobster cocktail that has lumps of meat in a martini glass.  I know it isn’t sushi but it tastes so good.  The softshell crab roll is really good as well. 

The hotel is a classic and so is the Blue Sea.  Make sure you stop by and see them both!

BONDSTREET in Miami – South Beach

We found BONDSTREET by staying at the hotel it is located at – Townhouse Hotel.  Located on the bottom floor, you walk down the steps into a dark restaurant that has a sushi bar, community table and some tables with cozy chairs.  Small place however the sushi and the deserts are amazing.  Each night they have specials and you can’t go wrong by ordering them.  You can make a reservation however it isn’t needed that often.  We like the quiet place where you can finish off your night before you head up to sleep. 

Located right next to the Shoreclub and NOBU however doesn’t have the cost of NOBU and you can hear each other talk. 

Sushi Samba

Returning to Sushi Samba located right on Lincoln Road is like returning home.  Sit outside and watch the people go by.  The sushi chef’s usually speak very little english and it is insulting to ask them to modify the rolls.  You don’t have to ask for any modifications though.  The flavors of the sushi are amazing as they take the art of Japanese sushi and add a little Cuban flair to it.  Love the spicy rolls.  

Sushi Bar Hopping Concept in South Beach

We came up with the concept to "Sushi Bar Hop" in all places South Beach.   Why?  If you have never been to South Beach you need to go.   There are so many great Sushi places and really good ones so why choose just one?   We went to all of them, trying just a few of their most popular items and moving on.   Read more for places we recently went to in South Beach.

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