Galae Thai- New restaurant in Alexandria, VA

Galae Thai is a new Thai restaurant in Alexandria, VA.  It is located in the Hoffman Center near the AMC Theaters and just across the street from the Eisenhower Metro.  It is a beautifully decorated restaurant with many intricate wood carvings and Buddhas everywhere you look. Although it is a Thai restaurant, it has a sushi bar inside.   Vi is the sushi chef there, has worked at some of the best sushi restaurants in Washington, DC and is excited to be at Galae Thai.  His brother also works with him behind the sushi bar.

We continue to go back here!  We’ve had the Thai food there, which is very good.  However, we like to sit at the sushi bar and talk to Vi.  His brother makes an incredible sake sorbet which is often served with fresh fruit.  (Not sure if that is on the menu, but ask for it and tell Vi that Jeff & Paige sent you).

Vi makes the best Dragon Roll I’ve ever had!  It was smaller bite sizes; therefore unlike most Dragon Rolls that are so large you break it apart, this was just the right size so you really get to enjoy the wonderful flavor of the eel, roe and avocado.  We recommend the spicy yellowtail, and really enjoy the “Executive Roll” which has Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail and Avocado with SPICY MAYO!  Sake was cold, filtered and dry.  Try the lychee-tinis … they are dee-lish!

Parking is very easy. If you live nearby, they deliver as well. Some outdoor seating.

Back at Flying Fish, Old Town

After a long time, we were back at Flying Fish in Old Town this weekend for a party. Since the last time, they’ve updated their sushi menu. We tried some of the new rolls – and have to recommend them all! The King Street Roll (spicy tuna, crab, Old Bay and avacado w/3 kinds of roe), Devil Roll (Spicy tuna, gobo, spicy mayo, tuna, sprout, and mango sauce) and Redstone Roll (not on the menu – a toro/spicy tuna roll) were all delicious.

That’s not all … their non-sushi menu has expanded as well (the chicken piccata got raves) and they now have different events every night of the week. $1 sushi happy hours from 5-7 every night, karaoke Thursday nights, different DJs with different genres of music during the week, and jazz with Kazz every Sunday night after 5 PM. If you’ve never been there, you are missing out on one of the hipper Old Town hangouts.

Flying Fish, 815A King Street, Alexandria VA 22314 703.600.FISH – go to the Sushi Bar and Tell Danny that Paige & Jeff sent you!!!

Bumblefish Sushi to Go – Old Town Alexandria

Sushi hasn’t caught on as fast food yet, but Bumblefish is trying to make it popular. They have opened up a restaurant at the corner of King and Washington Streets in Old Town. Have tried the Spicy Tuna Combo, Lobster Rolls, and Miso Soup and have to say they are all suprisingly good for a quick lunch. The rolls are a little heavy on the rice. They have soup, salads, spring rolls, and desserts as well. Check them out if you are in need of sushi on the go.

Momo Sushi & Cafe in Old Town Alexandria

Momo located 212 Queen Street Alexandria, just two blocks from the waterfront in Old Town Virginia is a newly openned Sushi Cafe.   

As you walk in the smell of the food is incredible.   The owner has another restaurant in Rockville and is very excited that this one has taken off so well and between the small restaurant never lacking a customer or the take-out order requests, they seem to be happy to have all the business.
The sushi chef is originally from Korea and spent time in Tokyo.   The sushi rolls have a wonderful flavor and uniqueness to them.   Our favoriates are the Trio Amigo Roll (Chopped Tuna, Samon, Yellow Tail Avocado and Masago) and the Hawaiian Sun Set Roll (Salmon, Avocado, Cucumber, Pineapple, Crab). 
The nigiri sushi is incredible selections of tuna as well.  The Spicy yellowtail roll was also good. The miso soup was also really good and the flavor was good.
They recently received their liquor license so they now serve wine and beer.  The space there is small however a nice cafe style and they do have a small sushi bar as well.  Take out is also an option if you can’t get a table or don’t want to stay.
Parking can be hard, however in the evenings there is a small parking lot across the street that you can pay long term parking or drive around the neighborhood for a free spot on the street and walk a bit… but it is worth it!!!

Minami Sushi in Old Town Alexandria

Minami Sushi is located in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia, next to the Trader Joe’s off of Washington Blvd.   Small sushi bar and setting –  however, a great place to get some inexpensive and fast sushi for lunch or a quick dinner.

We got the Miami Roll (Tuna and Avocado) and the Spicy Tuna Roll.   Rice isn’t the freshest, but again it is a great place for something fast and inexpensive.   Flavor was good.  

Asahi Kaiten Sushi Bar in Ballston Common Mall in Arlington, VA

This is a Japanese restaurant located in the Ballston Mall next to the Rock Bottom.   It has a sushi bar right in the middle of it that has a conveyer belt that the sushi chef places on sushi plates that you can select from.  However you can still order from a sushi menu.   Either way the price is reasonable, and the service is friendly.    Most of the standard sushi items will be found, including toro and they had some unique rolls too.

The atmosphere was redone recently and has a very modern asian design.  They do have certain nights for discounted sushi prices, on such sushi as toro, so be sure to inquire.   
The Miso soup was really good.

KanPai in Rosslyn Virginia

KanPai is located on 1401 Wilson Blvd in Rosslyn (Arlington, VA) on the bottom floor of an office building.  It is a small Japanese restaurant that offers a wonderful variety of the freshest sushi and sashimi at a sushi bar and some tables.
There are TVs around that usually show the latest sport games so you can get the scores while absorbing your Vitamin E.     The servers and sushi chefs are very helpful and like to explain any items or help answer any questions you may have.   If you want to try some new sushi, this is a great place to do so.   Sake choices weren’t many however were fair.
The atmosphere is very laid back and quiet.   Nice place to go when on your own or with a couple or small group.   

Yama Restaurant in Vienna

Yama Restaurant in Vienna is located on Rt 123, 328 Maple Ave W, Vienna, Virginia in a little strip mall.  (Be careful not to go to Maple Ave East – you want Maple Ave West – still on Rt 123 – located next too the Dunkin Donnuts)

 It is a small Japanese restaurant that is about 10 to 15 minutes from Tysons, however worth it if you want good sushi.   The atmosphere is blond wood furniture and a small sushi bar and a few small tables.   Service is fast and friendly though.

The sushi is fresh, priced fair and the rice is fresh and they don’t over-use it.   They do offer specials and offer toro as well.   They have a nice sake choice too.   For Vienna this restaurant is a hidden gem.   You go because the food is just…. good.  Plain and simple.

Konami in Tysons Corner Virginia

Konami is a Japanese restaurant located in the heart of Tysons Corner on Rt 7 and 123.  (Across from Bed Bath & Beyond) and hidden down on the hill so look for it.   It has a small parking lot and getting out of the lot onto Rt 7 is painful however it can be worth the trip.

The restauarant is very colorful in purple and gold and sounds of waterfalls can be heard.   The entrance shows a sample of the special including the drink special.   It can get crowded for lunch so get there just at noon or before.
They have a large sushi selection.   They also have the "Bento Boxes" if you want to get a mix of sushi and other food.   The spicy tuna is the mushy tuna, and not the usual tuna steak that you may be used to though.    They also tend to use a lot of rice which fills you faster so just be warned.
The green tea is very good.  Service is a bit slow, even at lunch, so just plan on being there a bit longer.   For Tysons Corner the restaurant is good.   There are better sushi places and if you are willing to go about 10 minutes further, check out Yama for better sushi instead.   

Matuba in Arlington, Virginia

Matuba in Arlington, Virginia, 2915 Columbia Pike, is a Japanese restaurant that is small restaurant and has a basic no-frills menu.   They have another restaurant in Bethesda as well. The restaurant has been in the DC area for a long time, since I can remember going to the Bethesda location back in 1987.   (Hey for restaurants that is a long time!)

The food is inexpensive and you’ll find most of the basic rolls and sushi there.   They do tend to fill you up with tempura or rice.   The miso soup is very good.  Limited sake choice though.    They have a long sushi bar to sit at and the service is very friendly.   
They do take out as well.