Morimoto – Philadelphia, PA

Went to Philadelphia and had to check out Morimoto’s restaurant.  Morimoto, the iron chef himself, started this restaurant and although he wasn’t on site, you could tell that he had a large influence on the menu.

Located at: 723 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (215) 413-9070 – right down the street from the Liberty Bell and other famous historical sites.  You go past the bright yellow doors and into a cool relaxing enviornment.  Reservations are best.  We showed up a little early and went up-stairs to start off with drinks.  Sake Martini was great and the server came up to get us and carried our drinks to  the table.

Once back downstairs, you walk into a large room that has bamboo ceilings, all white tables & chairs, color-changing booths and a large sushi bar in back.  So much food to choose from that we decided to go with the Omakase style.  Omaskase is a tasting menu and they offer 3 different price ranges starting at $80 per person.  For $80 per person we had a 5 courses of everything from sushi, noodle and cooked fish dishes.

The service was the most impressive.  There were a lot of servers bringing each dish, telling you about it and you never felt rushed.  Every few minutes we watched birthday candles being placed and carried with care to make someones evening a little more special.

They handle groups very well and we can’t wait to bring our friends there.

“SITC” Largest gathering yet held at “Flying Fish” in Old Town, Alexandria

There were 25 of us out for the latest Sushi in the City night … check out the pics
What a great evening! Thanks to everyone for coming out and we’ll see you all soon!
Go easy on the Sake Bombs! Read more about the food and service.

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