“I love Sushi” in Las Vegas

“I Love Sushi” – no it isn’t just how I feel, it is the name of the restaurant.  Located just outside of Vegas so you’ll need to drive about 20 minutes outside of town.  The name is strange however the food was really good. Located in a strip mall you can easily pass it without realizing that it is there.  Parking is very easy though.

They offer a very long page of sushi rolls to choose from.  Most are obviously very “Americanized” rolls however the combinations of the veggies and the fish were really good.  Sauces there were great too.  The restaurant is a chain that started in Seattle back in 1986.  Since then they have been offering healthy choices to the sushi rolls.  (That is what they say so who am I to argue.)  We enjoyed the DC roll so much that we ordered some more of it.

The price for all that we ordered was amazing.  Especially for a night in Vegas!  Best part was not waiting, it wasn’t crowded and the service was so quick.  We had a party of 6 and they did a good job of knowing just when to leave us alone to talk.  We left there surprised at how much we liked it.  I would return there again.

If you are in Vegas and want to try a place that the locals go to, then break away from the strip and take a drive, see the mountains and stop by “I love sushi”.

Nobu in Vegas

Nobu has many locations around the world, and although we have been most often to the one in Miami Beach, and reviewed that location, we had to write it up here for a special reason … Nobu in Las Vegas hosted Paige’s and Jeff’s wedding reception!   



There was only one place to go for a wedding reception for them, and that was Nobu.   It is located at the Hard Rock Hotel.   
It is a smaller hotel off the strip, however it was nice to get away to a smaller location where you didn’t lose your wedding party, and the people at Nobu took good care of us.
We love ordering just the yellowtail sashimi with cilantro and jalapeno.   We also like the salt water eel. 
The sake came in bamboo containers and they prepared large platters of food for our large party.   Everything was fresh and beautiful!
If you have trouble getting into the Nobu locations in New York, we recommend trying Miami Beach (at the Shore Club Hotel) or Las Vegas.